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Happenin' kat llc. children's books by pj kelly

In early 2023, a wonderful jewel named Ruby was diagnosed with an extremely rare neurodevelopmental disorder called GAND. Net proceeds from 'Felicity Fretted' will be donated directly to Helping Hands for GAND. To learn more about GAND and the incredible work that Helping Hands for GAND is doing follow the link below.


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felicity fretted

about happenin' kat
pj kelly Author

PJ Kelly is a new author who combines his passion for writing with making people smile. He is married to Misa, and is the father of two adult children, Maia and Sean. 


PJ was the original kid in the Oscar Mayer Weiner hot dog commercials. While he loved being an Oscar Mayer Weiner, he hopes readers enjoy his second act.


misa kelly president

Behind every great man, is an even greater woman. Misa Kelly is the brains behind the Happenin' Kat operation. Outside of Happenin' Kat, her passions include music, good food, and spending time with family and friends.


Her favorite role, is the role of loving wife to PJ, and doting mother to her kids.


My Books
What makes pj's books special?

Verse is a great form of brain food. Kids enjoy the taste, and subconsciously absorb the benefits. Adults may learn something too! MEADOWLARK...was the first in a series of rhyming books that places animals in situations children can identify with. Readers will always encounter an obstacle and a solution. A reference glossary in the back of each book helps answer quick questions. FELICITY FRETTED is the second installment. 



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